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"Dominica School House Expansion Project!"
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Welcome to the Dominica School and Orphanage "School House Expansion Project!"


..... in an effort to provide opportunity to every child at the Dominica School and Orpahange..... Dominica's vision is to provide each child with a complete and quality education to give them tools and empower them to strive for a better future for themselves and to transform their community.


The DSO is in need of an expansion to be able to allow the children to continue through a full high school education.  Due to an influx of children Dominica has taken on in the past few years, the small school rooms are no longer large enough to accommodate the class sizes.  Often 30+ children are squeezed into a small room, and they have run out of space to expand to a full high school.  A full high school requires  proper space for science labs necessary to ensure a high quality of education and success for children aspiring to continue to a university education that will allow them to better their lives and contribute to the community.


Dominica recently identified the possiblility of buiding a third floor on thier existing shclool building to create 3 large new classrooms to expand her service to include a full high school education for the deserving children learning at the DSO.


Please consider helping us raise $41,000 this year for the construction of an expanded highschool!     Let's keep the children of La Urena in the educational program that will give them the empowered educational opportunity to build a better life.


Much Thanks and Gratitude for all your loving help!

- Steve












PS.  Also see our "Dominica Orpahange College Fund" program


On our latest visit to the Dominica School and Orphanage we identified a great need for many of these bright, aspirational, kind and intelligent children who do not have the means to continue there studies in college and end up working menial jobs instead continuing on to higher education and giving back to their community.


With the help of Dominica we have identified four of her best students who also continue to be committed to the mission of DSO as well as the children.


We have committed to helping them through college and in turn they have pledged to continue to be a support system and give back to the DSO as leaders and a support system.


College costs $700 - 1200 per year and we are raising money to send these four aspirational DSO graduates, and hopefully more, to four-year college degrees to begin to create a network of support, leadership, service and inspiration for the children at the DSO to help Dominica carry on well into the future...



Sebastian Peralta, 18, has begun his freshmen year in an IT program and frequently visits to DSO to help out, translate when we visit and support the mission of Dominica.  "I am Sebastian. I'm 18 years old. I come from a poor family. My mother dead when I was 10. I have been in the Dominica's orphanage since I was 6. She has always helped me. I want to be in the college program because iIwould like to help my brothers (they are 2, older than me). They didn't go to university and we have always lived in a poor and little house. I want to become what my mother wanted I do."



Betel Irene Matos Aybar, 24, began studying Educative Psycology but discontinued due to insufficient financial resources.  "I choose that career because I love children and doing this I can help with their education and behavior. I have prayed a lot for this opportunity so I can restart my studies. That’s one of my biggest dreams."


Luz Merari Cardenas Cuevas, 23,  will be studying Child Psychology with intentions to return to the DSO to help the many children with traumatic backgrounds. " I have prayed to the Lord because I know He can help me to start studying and make my dreams come true."



Gelson Breyling Gonzalez Hernandes, 22, had started studying physical education but discontinued because of insufficient financial resources.  He can now continue his dream to teach children what he learned at the DSO "leadership, union, collaboration, Love for brothers and sisters, respect, responsibility, wisdom and above all Gratitude"


Past projects include "Raise The Roof" that raised over $27,000 to build a roof structure over the courtyard to be able to accomodate more children into the luch-time meal program.

 Donations are fully tax deductabe though the US non-profit foundation City of Joy Aid Inc.  (IRS Tax ID # 54-1566941)  (501(C)(3)  - Click below to join our campaign.



In Peace, Love and Gratitude,
 - Stephen Kisiel, DO