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Course Descriptions

Biodynamics of Osteopathy Curriculum

Designed and developed by James S. Jealous, DO

Phase I An introduction to a biodynamic model of O.C.F. motion present, BMT and balanced fluid tension.

Phase II An in-depth perception of fluid dynamics at 2-3CPM. Rates. CV4-EV4 techniques. Automatic shifting.

Phase III Dural development up to full adult. Intramembranous shearing. Work with the long tide. The anterior dural girdle and its clinical significance. Tempo and humility.

Phase IV The midline as a therapeutic force. The reciprocal tension of the potency. The ignition.

Phase V The embryological development of the face. Evaluation and treatment of the face and cranium through embryological fluid segments.

Phase VI Treatment of the extremities using Sutherland’s power points. (Dr. Ruby Day’s explanation of W.G. Sutherland’s use of potency inside bones.)

Phase VII Finding the Health. Feeling the physical presence and substance of the perfect form. The Health alone.

Phase VIII The Void, Love and Healing, Wholeness as a living reality.

Phase IX This course embraces precision and decision making in severe CNS trauma. It also explores using principles rather than a specific method. This course requires that individuals have completed Phases I-VIII and have been in practice for a minimum of 10 years.

Pediatrics I - III   The Pediatrics Phase courses are designed in a very unique way so that people with no prior experience in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field can begin to safely and effectively treat the most common of childhood conditions. This curriculum is not about the bones, it does not involve direct or indirect action and is a very intense curriculum that begins with the whole child as an initial sensory experience and continues through multiple phases towards the capacity to use direct action when and if needed.


Other Osteopathic Courses

These courses are inspired by the Traditional Osteopathic Teachings of Dr. Still, Dr. Sutherland & others and grounded in the Biodynamic Osteopathic model taught by Dr. James S. Jealous.


Dominica Osteopathic Childrens Clinic

We have developed a Free Osteopathic Children’s clinic in conjunction with the Dominica School and Orphanage in La Urena Dominican Republic.
Trips to the clinic consist of two days of didactic teaching at a beautiful all-inclusive caribbean resort followed by three days of an osteopathic general medical and children’s clinic in La Urena at the orphanage. These trips will be done in small groups of up 12 Osteopaths to allow us all to work closely with individualized attention both in the didactic potions and while treating children at the clinic 
Topics covered vary depending on the interest of the gorup and will include a deeper understanding of the Meeting Place, Service, Humility and the Presence & Flow of Unconditional Love. It addtion we cover the unique aspects of treating in a group community setting with these special children.

Breathing, The Meeting Place and The Health

Introduction to the relationship between Thoracic Respiration, Primary Respiration and the Health in the patient. The Meeting Place as an entry point to a relationship with the child. Rebalancing Zone B with the Outside Presence of Primary Respiration.

Fluid Body Dynamics

Introduction to the Biodynamic Embryologic Fluid Fields of growth and development. Evaluation and treatment of the Fluid Body including Fluid Body dynamics in pregnancy, newborn, child, mother and family. The relationship between the Tide (Outside Presence of Primary Respiration) and the Fluid Body will be emphasized.

Neuroanatomy & Immune Function I

This course will follow the principles of the Biodynamic View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and explore the living function of neruoanatomy and the immune system in relation to current scientific understanding of the brain and immunity. Material covered will include Self/Nonself formation and function, the neuroimmune - endocrine connection and intro to CNS immune function. Participants will learn sensory and perceptual skills to be able to interface directly with function and assist patients in finding balance and health in the immune system as a whole, to support Health and restore & recover from illness and injury. A focus on embryologic and early childhood growth and development will be presented.

Neuroanatomy & Immune Function II

Neuroanatomy and Immune Function Course II will build on the understanding of functional neuroanatomy and the immune system and perceptual skills covered in course I. Course II focuses on the development and function of the neural tube. This will include an awareness of the central stillness, ventricular motion and the function of Lamina Terminalis as a fulcrum for the growth and development of the CNS as well as its unique role in the immune response. Topics will include the physiology of fever & treatment of the febrile patient and a brief introduction to neuroplasticity and the flow of life.

Something Passing Through...

This course draws on the phenomena described by Dr. Sutherland and woven throughout Dr. Jealous's Biodynamic teaching in various aspects of the osteopathic treatment process.  Every moment is porous to something passing through which is more essential than the moment itself.  It Creates the moment, the Movement of Creation into Incarnation.  This movement Heals and Creates as it passes.  Comes from the outside – not internal.  What passes though is eternal – it is not used up / diminished in any way.  It feeds us, sustains Life and our life.  These various manifestations each have a specific sensory feel but……  It is all One movement – only one thing happening.  Bringing the sense of Transparency to all at once.  And, it is in the Mystery.



If you or your group are interested in any of these courses please contact info@traditionalosteopathicstudies.com