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Continuing Osteopathic Studies
Higashi Betsuin Kaikan
Nagoya, Japan
March 26-29

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics II
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
April 9-12

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase IV Review
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
May 22-24 (3 days)

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase I
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
September 17-20

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase VII
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 15-18

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase V
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 22-25


Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics II Review
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
January 28-31

Topics to Include:
• Remolding the Child - Ocean and Zone B
• Flow of Attention
• Children as One
• Autism – Fulcrum of Attention
• The Other Pair of Hands
• Treating CNS Trauma

Embryology and Anatomy Slide Review of Phase I
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
March, 11-13

This is a review course of Phase I of the Biodynamics of Osteopathy that will incorporate an in depth embryology and anatomy slide review of functions and structures related to the teachings in
Phase I.

Each day we will review teaching slides and perform hands-on practical sessions based on the areas we review using the principles of treatment of Phase I. We will also review the embryologic process of creation, growth and development and the unfolding of life in line with the teaching of the Biodynamics and Biokinetics of human development described by Dr. Blechschmidt.

Areas of review will include the early development of the central nervous system, the cranio-cervical junction, sciatic nerve and the interosseous membrane, segmentation of the notochord, and the clavicle.

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics III
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
May 20-23

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase II
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
September 23-26

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase VI
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 14-17

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase VIII
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 21-24


Osteopathic Children's Foundation
Kassel, Germany
January 16-19