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Embryology and Anatomy Slide Review of Phase I
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
March, 18-20

This is a review course of Phase I of the Biodynamics of Osteopathy that will incorporate an in depth embryology and anatomy slide review of functions and structures related to the teachings in
Phase I.

Each day we will review teaching slides and perform hands-on practical sessions based on the areas we review using the principles of treatment of Phase I. We will also review the embryologic process of creation, growth and development and the unfolding of life in line with the teaching of the Biodynamics and Biokinetics of human development described by Dr. Blechschmidt.

Areas of review will include the early development of the central nervous system, the cranio-cervical junction, sciatic nerve and the interosseous membrane, segmentation of the notochord, and the clavicle.

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics II Review
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
April 8-11

Topics to Include:
• Remolding the Child - Ocean and Zone B
• Flow of Attention
• Children as One
• Autism – Fulcrum of Attention
• The Other Pair of Hands
• Treating CNS Trauma

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics I
Florionopolis, Brazil
April 27-30

Indian Head Resort
Lincoln, New Hampshire
June 3-6

Presentation on The Life and Work of Rubie Day, DO
Osteopathic Cranial Academy Annual Conference
“The Unsung Heroines of Osteopathy: Sutherland’s Students, Contemporaries and Beyond”
June 9-12
Kansas City, Missouri

Tokyo Osteopathy Center for Children
Tokyo, Japan
August 18-22

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase V
Tokyo, Japan
August 24-27

Swiss Study Group
September 11-14

Presentation on the Eternal Health
VOD - Congress 2022
Hotel Dolce by Wyndham
Bad Nauheim, Germany
September 16-18

Austria Study Group
Waldhof am See
September 19-21

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase II
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
September 24-27

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase VI
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 21-24

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase VIII
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 27-30


Stillness, Silence and Rest ~ A Healing Retreat for Osteopaths
Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
January 11-15, 2023

Through lecture, discussion, contemplation, and hands-on osteopathic treatment, retreat participants will explore landscapes of healing to build deeper relationships with the presence of the Tide in ourselves and, through treatment, within our patients. Topics may include: the Presence of Stillness; Silence; a Place of Rest; Functional Reserve; Resting in the Light of the Health; Personal Light; and the Point of Nothingness. This retreat is intended to be a healing experience of rest and replenishment, as well as an opportunity for learning.

Held at the Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, participants will enjoy a private room with private bathroom, all meals and snacks, and use of the spiritual centre’s facilities and wooded grounds, including the beautiful main chapel which is the Canadian Shrine of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

This retreat is offered at an intermediate to advanced level and is geared toward experienced osteopaths who have completed at least Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phases I-VII and/or Treatment of Children I-III. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis.

The retreat will begin with supper together at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, and will conclude with lunch together at noon on Sunday, January 15, 2023. Participants are asked to remain on site for the duration of the retreat.

Cost: $1200.00 USD includes teaching and practical instruction, four nights’ private accommodation, all meals and snacks. Participants may bring a partner upon request, subject to an additional fee for meals and snacks.

If you are interested in more information or to register, please contact Edward Schroeder directly at schroeder.osteopathy@gmail.com.

Embryology, Neuroanatomy, and Physiology of Immune Function
March 31-April 3, 2023
Great Barrington, Massachusetts

This course will review the embryology, growth, development, function, and movement of the neural tube to the ventricular system. Explore the physiology of fever and the function of Lamina Terminalis in our immune response. We will cover the importance of recognizing the original Self, subsequent development of self/non-self, and the potential decompensation to autoimmune dysfunction; the core consciousness of the immune system – The Bird; various forms of Ignition; neurotrophic flow; neuro-endocrine-immune-perceptual connection; fulcrum of our perception and perception as an immune function. Suggested Prerequisites: Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phases I - IV.

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics I
Florionopolis, Brazil
April 12-15

Embryology and Anatomy Slide Review - Module I
Florionopolis, Brazil
April 17-19

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase I
Florionopolis, Brazil
April 21-24

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics III
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
May 19-22