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Dominica Orpahange Children's Clinic and Pediatric Course
Dominical Republic at Bayahibe Resort
Didactic Portion - February 17-18
La Urena Dominican Republic - at Dominica School and Orphanage
Pediatric Teaching Clinic - February 19-21

Introduction to Biodynamic Treatment of Children
Higashi Betsuin Kaikan
Nagoya, Japan
March 21-24

Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phase III Review
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
May 16-18

Topics include:
Working with Long Tide and Soft Potency
The Art of Perception
Embryology, Anatomy and Function of Anterior Dural Girdle
Embryology, Anatomy and Function of the Neural Tube
Core Consciousness of the Immune System & Self/nonself

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Intro to Pediatrics II
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
September 26-27

Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phase IV
Thornewood Inn
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 23-26


Osteopathic Children's Foundation
Kassel, Germany
January 25-28

Austria Study Group
Furberg, Austria
January 29-31

The Ocean
Bavarian Pediatric School & Clinic for Traditional Osteopathy

Bürgersaal Walkertshofen, Germany
March 31 - April 3

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics II
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
April 9-12